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Anyone planning on running sewleks balance mod?

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  • Anyone planning on running sewleks balance mod?

    Namely this one, Anyone? it seems rather interemesting. well for aliens anywayz. more stress for marienens seems like just what they need at the moment. also, any and all of these changes COULD become official (ala wasabi)
    Also, post here if you'd be interested in playing on such a server, no point putting a server up if nobody is interested

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    lots of those ideas sound more sensible and reasoned than anything that could possibly go into ns2


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      i just checked the uwe forums and the amount of spastics complaining about the armoury not healing armour is hilarious


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        Remove all healing effects from the armoury and add a medical station building just like in tremulous \o/
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          Server is up. ns2 bt is game type in server browser.
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            Played last night.

            2 words.

            Fucking Awesome.

            Hopefully we can hit up some more good games on the mod... and here's hoping that they introduce most of the changes


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              I too really enjoy the BT changes, however if UWE were to take it on board then they should be very careful in not putting everything in there at once and instead drip-feed it through. I can imagine that while most of us at ausns2 rejoice at the changes which put the game back into an almost somewhat NS1 gameplay feel and pace, the majority of players would simply find the modifications to alien movement all a bit too much to take in.

              Let's see where they take it...


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                Yeah intrik, fairly sure you were on the opposite team the other night, I really enjoyed it too. Getting used to the way the skulk USED to move was hard at first especially when you get used to the 180degree with no loss of speed that NS2 offers, compared to the BT stalling when turning. I admit I had a tear in my eye seeing Bhopping skulks through the hall ways.


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                  You know the more you play it the less you are able to function in ns2. I faded in vanilla the other day and i was tapping right click and then trying to jump to maintain momentum but it wouldn't work. Took me about 5 seconds to realise I was in the wrong game.

                  A lot of the wall glancing for skulk from bt is still applicable in vanilla tho.