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In game mic not working

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  • In game mic not working

    Hey guys, I'm not a computer savvy sort of person so I'm taking the biggest risk a person in my position can take. I'm asking the internet for help

    So, my problem is this: My mic (which is admittedly a cheap crappy one) works fine for mumble and what not, but it wont work in ns2. It's a recent problem, only started playing up in the last few weeks, but I can't seem to fix it. I've played with the control pannel (didn't work) I made sure the default device both in game and on my computer are the right one, I've bound different keys for ns2 chat and mumble, and I'm out of idea's :/

    If anyone has any idea's on how to help with this, I will be much obliged


    The Voices

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    Buy a new computer and keep the mic.


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      Yep. I knew asking the internet was a silly idea :/


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        Do you get no sound at all out of your mic in game? Or is it just badly distorted?

        I recently had an issue where my mic sounded fucked in game but in windows sound recorder it was fine. It turned out I had multiple microphones in windows recording devices, only one of which was enabled (my microphone on my headset) - but I had to delete the rest to get the in-game sound working again.


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          You could try virtual audio cable, makes other setups possible as well (like playing music through your mic) or impersonating someone.


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            It started as a bit of distortion, but it ended up being absolutely no sound, I'll try that though. the only other device was line in (whatever that is) so we'll see

            - - - Updated - - -

            whats a virtual audio cable?

            Just had a look at the options, and there is a little microphone level gauge and its not registering anything, even when i yell into it :S
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                Hmmm, couldn't get it to work, so instead I've gone and bought myself a new pair of steelseries headphones... I hope that fixes it haha


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                  Fixed? I need a new mic, and some fucking lighter headphones, CM Storm (Augh!)


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                    Was about to say have you ensured you have the default device set to your mic in-game. If it works outside of NS there's two things I can think of:

                    -It's not set as your default device in NS2
                    -NS2 is broken - I have had this problem with some games in the past. Many Many years ago.

                    That said, new headset and I am Jelly. I also think it's ironic that your name is The Voices and you have this problem.


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                      yeah the new head set fixed it, i guess the $20 loitech ones just werent up to it

                      And yeah, i suppose that is kinda funny isnt it lol