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    suppose i can give it a whirl , haven't modded before so yeah and the guides arnt the best ...and paint u say ...should be easy really


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      Ok, if you really want my specs:

      (New modem) TP-Link TD-8840T v4, firmware 0.8.0 2.4 v7.0 Build 141022
      Annex: A/I/J/L/M
      1020 20454
      1196 21964
      11.8 6
      5.1 8.9
      0 0
      pppoe_8_35_1 PPPoE 8/35
      A quick Google search says that even though I'm in Toowong, the nearest exchange is in South Bank (about 3.5km away)

      Also, I don't know where to find interleaving settings, assuming that it comes on the modem
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        Notes to take from this: from what i can see your line is perfect abeit some minor issues that might cause issues, but nothing to indicate major issues, depending on everything you can call your isp(what isp btw) and ask them to turn interleaving off, you should get lower ping, and your packets should be faster.

        So for starters your modem stats:

        Max Rate (Kbps) implies that the ISP core based your line profile on stats such as current SNR, Attenuation you a maximum theoretical speed of give or take is with those stats> 22kbps/1196kbps. However, because of this your Current Rate (Kbps) is 20454kbps download and 1020kbps upload, but since your SNR, is changing from time-time you will always get a little bit lower then the Max Rate, which is perfect. Your line looks healthy from a glossery.

        Things you can do, once in a while pick up the home-phone and listen for noise, or call someone elses home-phone and listen for noise that they can't hear, if you hear noise and your internet is playing up this could indicate spikes in your noise level, a dropping of sync-rate and loss of connection from time to time(this can be fixed by SRA enable if your modem has this feature)

        So from what i've seen, you are probably on a cabinet, a box usually green on a junction point near your house where this allows you to connect to your exchange/ISP core directly, the exchange has fibre connected to those boxes, but to your house they have copper, so i suspect you are here, since you are under 600meters away.

        anyone else that wants to follow they can

        Your line
        Line Attenuation (dB)

        Estimated to be 600meters from either a telephone exchange or cabinet, however since this tool doesn't account for artificially stimulated noise on line (give or take, your best bet would be a cabinet somewhere really close by to your house atleast 0-600meters away)

        Your modem/router: generally the chip-set inside is pretty beefy enough, allows you to change your signal to noise ratio by volting the line (letting the line have more voltage) but this can cause stability issues.

        Okay, i've had your modem/router before including the upgraded version 8960n my mother now uses in New Zealand.

        some statistics from Uncle Archie.

        Your modem router can be overloaded easily AFAIK has only 8mb of on-board memory. Just like computers you can have a theoretical maximum number of connection states that are live, if your network is being drenched, from say 2-3people or even 1 heavy user then you can see dropouts or even paused connections where the modem is trying to catch up to itself. This can be fixed by upgrading to 8960n or a newer modem/router with more stability. I seem to drench my line wherever i go due to shitty modems.

        How many people in your house are using your internet connection, what sort of browsing are they doing.

        Check for firmware updates for your modem.

        (unorthodox and generally unscientific methodology, but for all intense and purposes do a to brisbane + sydney, and also one to los angles (dreamhost if possible) I want to see your ping times, your network speed vs backbone + international.

        you might want to read up on this about interleaving

        TCPoptimiser, maximum half-open and a whole bunch of other things like disabling certain services in windows would help minimally, though a couple will help, need more info. read.