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  • FPS / performance optimization

    ITT post ways to optimize fps / performance.

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    i7 3770k OC'd to 4.5ghz
    nvidia gtx570

    I get 80-120 fps with the following settings:
    Texture - High
    AA - Enabled
    AF - Enabled
    Multicore Rendering - On
    Everything else turned off

    Texture Streaming + Ambient Occlusion absolutely rape your fps btw.


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      When I was first experiencing problems around ~221 with low FPS, stuttering etc, it was exactly the same regardless of settings. As I noted in another thread, it's because the game and engine are much more heavily CPU dependent than anything else.

      To quote myself:

      I've found it's got a lot better (like 50-100% better, I probably hang around 60-80fps now, Phenom II X6 OC'd to 3.6GHz and HD7950) in the last few builds, a trend that will hopefully continue. The key problem with it at the moment is people expect to throw a better GPU at games and get higher FPS, whereas right now NS2 is heavily bottlenecked on the CPU due to the inefficient lua engine and some more inefficient coding. When my CPU was running stock (3Ghz), the game was unplayable. ~20fps consistently and spiking downwards from there. Overclocking it, I instantly shot up to a smooth, playable game. The problem is there's no sliders related to CPU performance in the settings, because it's all..necessary. When your bottleneck is on the GPU, you can have people turn the graphics down to pump some more power out. Not so here, and it's going to hurt them.
      What are your specs Miffu?


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        I have i5-2500 @ 3.3ghz, 4gb ram & HD6800


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          Anyone played refinery yet? Runs like shit for me...


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            Originally posted by glimmerman
            Anyone played mineshaft yet? Runs like shit for me...
            Do you mean refinery? Mineshaft was a beta map.


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              Load up the game.

              Type r_stats in console.

              Keep an eye on the *ms waiting for gpu. If this is above 0 then you are GPU limited. If it is 0, and you are lagging, then you are CPU limited.
              Try adjusting GPU settings to get the ms waiting for GPU to 0.

              I manage to get 80-120 fps atm with i5-2500k @ 4.96ghz and Radeon HD7970.
              I have turned off shadows and ambient occlusion, however I still get 60-90 (120 in ready room) if the CPU clock is just at 4ghz. Miffu I'd recommend maybe going up to at least 4ghz?


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                On the Monash 24 player server:
                There are still certain particular hive rooms that, when infested and full of exos and grenade launchers, drop the fps to 30-40 at times. At least this was true a few builds ago, I haven't noticed it for a while. But I haven't played a game on the 24 player server in forever. I avoid it like the plague


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                  2500 non-k version is meant to be very poor to overclock or so google tells me, i know very little on the subject.


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                    I previously had the non-k version, because I was too vague when I purchased it, and I know that the 2500 has a max overclock of 4ghz due to its locked multipliers. It will remain cool at this clock speed, provided you have good airflow.

                    I also previously had the radeon 6890, with the 2500 @ 4ghz, and back in build 217 before it was optimised I was getting a reasonable 60fps. FPS has come leaps and bounds since then.


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                      Well that sounds promising, care to point me in the right direction for a guide on how to overclock for dummies.


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                        What motherboard do you have?

                        Basically, you need to go in to the bios - advanced settings.

                        You will see TURBO 1-core, 2-Core, 3-core, 4-core. Set the multiplier to all of these to 41x.
                        There should be another setting for multiplier - set it to 41x if you can.

                        Don't touch the BCLK, it isnt stable to overclock with ivy bridge


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                          Install HWMonitor (google) and just keep an eye on those temps. 80c and above are where you'll start wanting to investigate (as a general rule)


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                            Thanks for that, I'll play around with it now. No idea what motherboard i have, it's been a long a while since i've been concerned with this business.

                            In Ns2 is it safe to assume i want multicore rendering enabled?

                            And i see that they've added an option to turn infestation to minimal, hopefully that helps.


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                              Yes multicore rendering sounds good. MF also suggests to turn off texture streaming. I haven't experimented with that. It might be with a shot.

                              Wow I had no idea you can turn infestation down now